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Youth 11-18s

During the week we run a range of youth groups for young people.  These groups all involve games, bible study, discussion and prayer.


On Sundays…

Sunday Gang

9:30am (age 0 to 11yrs)

11am (age 3-10yrs)

Contact: Justine Nimusiima (and leave a message) 020 8211 8710


The Grid

11am (age 10–16yrs)



Junior Youth Club: For 8-11s (school years 4-6)

Fridays 3:30-5pm

Contact: Lydia Aggrey – 020 8211 8710


Girls of Vision: For 11 - 18s (school years 7-13)

Fridays 5.30-7pm

Contact: Lydia Aggrey – 020 8211 8710


Boys to Men: For 11 - 16s (school years 7-11)

Fridays 5.30 – 7pm 

Contact: Adam Boyce – 0753 9389 660

In the Summer…



Each summer we take offer the opportunity for our young people to go out of London for a residential holiday.  These holidays provide a great opportunity for the teenagers to gain life experience, grow in confidence and explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in Tottenham.  In 2016, we took 29 of our young people away to two residential ventures run by CPAS.


The HUT Youth Club (Tewkesbury Road, Tiverton Estate, N15 6SE)

Junior Youth
For Years 4-7 (Ages 7-11) : Mondays from 3.45 - 5pm 

Senior Youth
For Years 7-13 (Ages 11-18) : Mondays from 5.30-7pm

The Edgecot Grove Senior Youth Club (+ Football) (Edgecot Grove Estate, N15)

For Years (7-13): Thursday from 17.30 to 1900

The Edgecot Grove Junior Youth Club(Edgecott Grove Estate, N15)
For 7 - 11s (Years 4-6): Wednesdays from 3.45 - 5.00pm

information correct as off 30th November 2017