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Why Schools want our service

Hope in Tottenham Schools Counselling Project provides early intervention counselling for the social and emotional needs of children in 31 primary and secondary schools in Haringey.

Each school has a trained counsellor one day a week who identifies, with the Head teacher and SENCO, those children most needing help. As a project we reach up to 400 children per year.

After an initial assessment, and with the formal consent of the child's parent/carer, an agreed course of action is initiated, in one-to-one sessions.

We provide children with opportunities to develop coping mechanisms for anger and practical ways to improve challenging behaviour, as well as providing understanding and help for underlying emotional and psychological difficulties.

This eventually helps with their capacity to cope, builds their confidence and vision and gives them greater control over their future by improved their access to the educational process. The project aims to reduce the incidence of bullying, exclusions, unauthorised absences and anti-social behaviour within the schools, as well as giving teachers themselves more skills and confidence in dealing with their students.